Projected’s “Human” CD review by C. Rose!

Projected Releases “Human”
By: C. Rose

Yaya Papu Label released Projected’s “Human in September. The anticipation of the release was felt by many because of talent that is within the band. Connolly (vox,guitar) and Hornsby (bass) both of Sevendust, Phillips (drums) of Alterbridge/ Creed, and Friedman (guitar,vox) of Tremonti Project/Creed comprise the musical genius that is Projected. Many have pegged them as a super group. They are beyond super group status and that becomes more evident with each melody, riff, and thundering backbeat that track after track provides.

The first track “Hello” makes the most diehard Sevendust fan take a step back. Connolly’s vocals on this are definitely something unexpected. Lyrically and melodically he has a flow that seems to come with ease. The solo work on this track is a piece of art. It complements the song musically as if a story is being told within the solo. This is something that less seasoned musicians struggle with but they have certainly crafted the art. Something very notable about this track is that it has the ability to appeal to many. It has a heavy backbeat but when it switches to the chorus it has the power to get anybody to sing along.

“Alive” is another notable track. You are able to hear the Sevendust influence. It is one of the heavier tracks on the album. Hornsby shows off with his downtuned bass lines added to the power that is being laid down by Phillips makes for great hard rock. Friedman is a stand out on this track. His use of very eccentric style riffs and a very well crafted solo give this song an edge.

“12804” is a very powerful track. Connolly wrote this song in tribute to his close friend Dimebag Darrell. This song is so wonderfully crafted. Lyrically it is one of the most powerful on the album. “Still today I feel you near and everytime I feel you I’am at peace.” Connolly shows that there are still writers out there that will choose substance over simply catchy. Couple this with the musical backdrop that the lyrics are laid upon and it is not hard to see that this will be on fans playlists for years to come.

The start of the cd lays the backdrop for the entire album. The bar was set high on this one but there is no disappointment here. The lyrics and melodies track after track are filled with substance and relateability. The guitar work is stellar. The rhythm section lays down thunder throughout. You want to know what Hard Rock is? Ask Projected. They have crafted the art.

4/5 Roses

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