Review: 50FOOTWAVE “Bath White”


Joelinda Acevedo

What can I say about Bath White… the new release from 50FOOTWAVE? Hello 90’s and YES! It was like going back and hearing some of my favorites… I immediately thought of Veruca Salt, Divinyls, Poe, and even a little Tragic Kingdom (just to name a few) and felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m a sucker for female leads and heavy guitar. Lyrics and poignant change overs are also a weakness. I highly recommend this for as a must for any fan of the Lilith Fair and those of you missing what the 90’s brought to us. Sultry and gritty vocals paired with a dirty and raw tone… yes, more please, and thank you. I miss this side of femininity in music and I am so happy to hear it again. I will be watching them from here on out and adding them to my list of female empowerment. But guys, don’t feel like you can’t enjoy them. You remember how much you loved this sound too.






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