Review: Art Of Dying “NEVERMORE”


Vices And Virtues Music Inc / The Fuel Music
Release date: 2 September 2016

Rachael Yearsley

Badassery of epic proportions has entered our realm and is embedding in our ear holes with such pellucid talent. The universe aligned and cast a bellowing and triumphant proclamation for the ultimate… Art of Dying.  is releasing an EP “Nevermore” on September 2nd.

This EP not only hits you at 100 mph with a sound of rock monstrosity, it breaks through that hard exterior wall we “humans” often call feelings. We all go through tribulations at some point in our lives and Art of Dying puts forth these emotional alterations in a powerful yet charismatic manner. The tracks All or Nothing and Torn Down give words of encouragement after a long hardship. Nevermore is an upgrade from a rock ballad that reminds us not to surrender to self defeat by collecting your strength and making a stand for a life so deserving. After all, life is precious.

Amidst listening to all the sententious lyrics, I pondered the relevance of their name. Art of Dying. I was quite fascinated with Johnny Hetherington’s response. Basically…. living.  Hmmm… that’s intense.

This is a band who got together and made magic happen and made it happen without hesitation.
Within 2 years from their start in 2004, they released their first album. The passion and ambition they entail relentlessly throughout their constant touring is astounding. Their unfathomable and amazing sound was  enough to get noticed by Disturbed singer David Drainman and guitar player Dan Donegan, and they eventually discovered how harmoniously fitting  David’s voice intertwined with Johnny’s.  Wow… yes… integrity is something I truly value and they snatched that shit up and sprinkled it all over their Wheaties.

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