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Pulse 8 -“Follow Me To Hell” Review


Joelinda Acevedo

Have you been wanting something heavy? Have you been wanting something local that will take you back to the heyday of Metal? When Pantera was more like an anthem and Metallica really hit you in the chest? Do you miss the days of letting the music take away all the built up frustration and anger that you have been holding in? Well do I have a surprise for you! I just wish you didn’t have to wait another month to enjoy the heavy hitting antics that sent me back to just those moments. Over a year in the making and a ‘Kill’er out of the ‘box’ change in vocals to Brad Borchers has not taken the edge off of what Pulse 8 has worked so hard to keep giving their fans. If anything, I believe this union will be an unexpected bonus to the diehard fans and open up the range of what we are used to.

They haven’t veered too far at all from what gives them their ‘Pulse’, but House of Leaders and We Are The Lost are collectively written by the new line up with Damon Moc having already written most of the album. When speaking with Brad on stepping into the band at such a crucial time his main concern was not to stray from the 16 years that has worked for them and the fans, but to build on that. To make Pulse 8 even greater and that Follow Me To Hell is unremorseful and edgy with no holding back in its aggressiveness and meaningfulness. Oh, and did I mention a certain weakness of mine can be found? Yep, an acoustic. Nothing makes Sugar melt more than hearing a band get naked and proving once and for all that they aren’t just a bunch of auto tune and level adjustments.

Dave Swart and Eric Johns at Den Studios have certainly made this year long journey worth our wait and was a great match for the completion of this vision. I think the fans both new and old will be thrilled with the results and the year long wait when the CD release happens and faces get melted October 8th, at the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky.

More information from the band itself:

Damon Moc – Guitar,
Brad Borchers – Vocals,
Bryan Fitzwater – Bass,
Kevin Coyle – Drums

Influences: Disturbed, Deftones, Stuck Mojo, StaticX, Prong, 5FDP, Overkill, Machine Head, Fear Factory
Since its birth in June of 2000, Pulse8 has been equipped to put Cincinnati music on the map. Winners of the Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) for best Metal band of 2012. Along with winning the CEA award, Pulse8 has also won the very prestigious Madison Theater Band Challenge. The band has also toured on their own from Tampa Florida to Portland Maine.The Cincinnati four piece concentrates on heart pounding rhythms and choruses that stick with you. The band’s frontman Brad Borchers, is the essence of insanity. With Screams that chill you to the bone and verses that make you move to the beat. Brad is the perfect blend for the future of vocals as they are known. Brad is backed by the dynamic Damon Mocahbee, who lays down the thickest and heaviest guitar tones needed to put the pulse in to Pulse8. Last, but not least by any means, are Kevin Coyle & Brian Fitzwater. They hold down the concrete stonewall rhythm section that raises your feet off of the floor. Pulse8, given the chance, will definitely be a heavyweight contender in the NEW music era!!


Local Connection! Down Strange Charm


Down Strange Charm

Joelinda Acevedo

Redemption Song… No not the one you are thinking about. This is something new. Something that had my mind dancing around between southern rock and blues with a strong native pulling. Amazing riffs, core hitting bass lines, and those drums. That was the first thing that took me in while I watching the switch from seeing Jeff Conner take the lead from a somewhat passive stance on female fronted and much loved Chakras. His usual soft spoken voice overtakes you and you forget you knew him when… He’s still a powerhouse on the ax but now his vocals are right there with him. This three piece is one to watch for on the local scene and is sure to become a fast favorite. Eric Geise is solid and his voice melds perfectly. He has a great presence on stage and he’s a pleasure to not only watch, but hear. (Both on bass and vocals) Mike DeRan is heaving hitting when needed and you can tell he is toying with you on just what he is capable of up there. They sync perfectly. The fun they are having on stage and the banter between them speaks of a much more relaxed and approachable set. I miss rock shows like this. I was literally bummed when the last note of Been Here Before ended the set. It was so upbeat and I wanted to just dance and get lost in it. Oh, and that bass riff though… Smexy!

So yeah, they get my Lust for Local vote. I can’t wait to sit down with Jeff, Mike, and Eric at Audioblivious Productions studio and talk about their upcoming release so I can share it with all of you!

Foo Fighters, Urge Overkill, Soul Asylum, Royal Blood, Highly Suspect
Mike DeRan is a drummer who grew up and started his music career in Coshocton, OH. He started in E.L.i (Every Love Imaginable), a post hardcore rock band, as the drummer. They played in many venues all over Ohio and played a small East Coast tour through Connecticut and Maryland. The band opened for Five Iron Frenzy and hip hop artist, John Reuben. The band recorded one full length album, Canvas of Existence (2002), and 2 EPs, Sunday Mornings in Connecticut (2003) and Self Titled (2004).

After moving to Cincinnati, for college, Mike helped form The Bones Dupree Band, blues rock, as the drummer. The band played in various locations in Cincinnati including Stanley’s Pub and Mansion Hill Tavern. They also competed in the Cincinnati Blues Challenge in 2008 and 2010. Mike also played drums in other local acts such as Domestic Electric (Jam Rock), Jesse and the Ripoffs (Cover Rock) and Leaf Spring Hangar (Jam Rock).

Eric Geise is a multi-instrumentalist who hails from Dayton, OH. During his stay in Dayton, his band, “The Joose Box”, a piano rock duo, played in many various venues in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. The band recorded two EPs, one at the Studios at the University of Dayton, and one at the National College of Broadcasting. They took second place in Canal Street Tavern’s “Dayton Band Playoffs” and headlined at the Dayton Music Festival. Since moving to Cincinnati, Eric has played bass in the cover band, “Jesse and the Ripoffs”, playing several venues in Cincinnati, Covington, and Bromley as well as several “Mark and Friends” benefit shows. He also played bass in the jam band, “Leaf Spring Hanger”. Currently, Eric is playing bass with the band, “Down Strange Charm”.

JC is a veteran of the Greater Cincinnati music scene, as well as a regionally performing artist. In addition to being a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and bassist, Conner has also orchestrated, promoted and managed music events, engineered and produced local releases, been a live sound engineer and received multiple nominations and awards.

A previous member of the Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) winning band Chakras, Conner has shared the stage with many national/international performers, including: Ted Nugent, Walk the Moon, Queensryche, Beware the Darkness, Kongo’s, Sponge, Tantric, Living Colour, Bootsy Collins, Peter Frampton, Ballas Hough, Psychostick, Christy Hemme, and more…

JC’s latest project is the 3-piece guitar rock band Down Strange Charm, debuting in the Fall of ’15.


Local Connection!! Kala Rose – Cincinnati, Ohio


Photo by Zedrock Photography

By Joelinda Acevedo

I wasn’t going to write this from my view, but gonzo it’s going to be. We’ve all ventured down that rabbit hole also known as Youtube. I’m sure we have had many occasions that left us walking away scratching our heads, but then we have that One. That One time something is thrown at us and we are blown away. For me, that magical moment was The O’Keefe Music Foundation, and Kids Cover 46 and 2.  At first it was WOW these kids are great, they can play Tool?! Then you hear the vocal… what is this? A little girl? She’s like 9??? Chills, goosebumps, that tug in my belly… I was blown away… I couldn’t get enough. Especially of her. That kind of control and power at her age. Then, I come across Kids Cover Dream Theater – Pull Me Under.  Signed, sealed delivered, I’m yours. I wanted as much of her as I could find and I was excited. Here was something incredible to watch grow, a powerful female lead rock vocalist. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. A music foundation that works with children, videos of extremely talented young artists and musicians, and Kala Rose.

She reminded me of a few female powerhouses. Would she be discovered and become her generations Lzzy Hale, Hayley Williams, Taylor Momsen, or Lacey Sturm? She even had a little Janis Joplin and Etta James. Suddenly, I find myself excited about the next generation of music. The possibilities of more little gems appearing and the new view I will have of actually being able to watch an artist bloom to their potential. So who’s coming with me? I noticed Zakk Wylde has decided to tag along and she has an entire young band to fall in love with as well…

Kala’s cover of Spoke In The Wheel